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Allergy Drops: The simplest step to cure your

Convenient. Inexpensive. Efficient.

Clinical research has demonstrated allergy drops
to be a potent substitute to allergy shots.

Allergy drops are applied under the tongue by the patient, at their home

Explore the relief benefits of allergy drops

Our patients may administer allergy drops – or sublingual immunotherapy –
from home, without injection pains or having to take leave to visit the clinic

Distressed by nothing curing your allergies?

Allergy drops alleviate you from your distinct allergies for many years!
No need to stock antihistamines for the worst seasonal allergies that come around.

Why Allergy Drops?

For over a century, allergy drops (including under-the-tongue application) have been in use
Research over the past 30 years shows sublingual immunotherapy to be
safe and direct in alleviating symptoms

Over 2,300 patients treated by sublingual immunotherapy experienced massive relief of symptoms
according to a 2009 study and required less allergy and asthma medication.

The World Health Organization and Allergic Rhinitis endorses allergy drops and their affect on the
Asthma guideline. Treatment typically takes 3 to 5 years for long-term relief.